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About Curriculum

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About Curriculum

AMM is synonymous with holistic growth and in our quest for comprehensive progress and education, we are also keeping abreast of the recent upheaval and curriculum change in the state.

Our curriculum (LKG – VII) this year will be supported by X-seed, The School of Tomorrow.

In Classes VIII - XII we will continue the experiential learning cycle with the process of learning sequenced to enable them glide into higher levels of learning without a hitch.

  • The medium of instruction is English.
  • Tamil is compulsory for classes I - VIII.
  • Hindi is taught as an additional language for classes I - VIII.
  • Hindi is offered as Second Language for classes IX - XII.
  • Sanskrit and French are also offered as optional Second languages for classes XI - XII.
  • Computer Science is offered as an additional subject from Class I.
  • Art, Craft, Music and Dance also form a part of the curriculum till Class VIII.

Groups offered in XI and XII


Group 1

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

Group 2

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry & Computer Science.

Group 3

Business Maths, Economics, Commerce & Accountancy.

Group 4

Computer Science, Economics, Commerce and Accountancy.


  • In KG, Continuous assessment is carried out through worksheets and observation in the classroom for the various age-appropriate skills like gross and fine motor skills, communication skills, social adjustment, temperament, personality and initiative.
  • Classes - I - IX: The development and progress of the child is monitored through out the year by a series of well-planned formative and summative assesments,apart from the three terminal examinations.
  • In addition, students of I - VII will also be taking two Xseed Learnometers which are skill - based assessment tools.
  • Classes X - XII: There will be a series of Cycle Tests, Mid - Term, Terminal and Revision exams.
  • The Schedules for the various assessments will be duly filled in by your ward, one week before the assessment, on pages 57 - 60. The same will also be communicated by email.
  • Distribution of corrected answer scripts will be communicated through SMS. Kindly acknowledge receipt of the same in the format on pages 57 - 60.

Note: In case any examination / assessment cannot be conducted due to unforeseen circumstances, intimation will be sent through / SMS alerts regarding the change of dates.

Open House

Progress Reports are given to parents in person on dates intimated in advance. The report cards provide objective analysis of the students’ abilities and aptitude in academic and non-academic areas, as well as social adjustment, temperament, personality and initiative. Parents are requested to play an active role in the child’s development by augmenting the efforts of the school with suitable activities at home, wherever necessary.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Ineractive meetings between parents and teachers are held at the beginning of the year and on other dates specified in the annual calendar. Both parents are expected to attend the meetings. If unable to attend, the parents are requested to inform the class teacher well in advance and make an appointment to meet him/her later.

The meetings provide an opportunity for parents to visit the school, scrutinize their ward’s records, and consult the teachers, so that guidance at home is correlated with the methods followed in school. They could encourage further achievement in their ward’s areas of strength and adopt remedial measures suggested by teachers in areas of weakness.

Project Day

This is an occasion provided to the parents and visitors to observe the activities which are employed in school to make learning effective and enjoyable. Research and experimentation are the basic guidelines for the project work undertaken during the course of the curriculum. The learning outcome of the project is assessed through worksheets.

Library rules and regulations

  • Students can borrow books for a period of 7 days.
  • A fine of Re. 1 will be collected per book, per day , for delayed return.
  • Books will be issued class wise.
  • Magazines can be borrowed over the weekend.
  • Reference books cannot be borrowed.
  • On loss of books, the borrower will have to replace the books or pay the replacement cost of the books.
  • Library books are to be returned a week before commencement of all examinations.


Homework forms an integral part of the learning process. Limited homework is set for each subject on scheduled days to reinforce learning and help develop regular study habits. The homework for each subject will be sent to parents through SMS alerts everyday. Students are required to turn in the completed work the next day or as specified by the teacher. Parents are requested to acknowledge any entries made by the teacher in the hand book regarding the same.

Co-Curricular & Extra-Curricular Activities For All-Round Development


The physical education department focuses on fitness, creating a love for games and identifying and equipping talented students for various intra and interschool, district, zonal and state-level competitions.

Regular P.E periods are allotted to all classes from I to XII. Major game skills, athletic skills and recreational games are taught to the students. March Past practice is also given.

After school special coaching is also available for some games. Interested students may approach the head of the department for details.

Music, Art and Craft

Classes in music, art and craft are offered to students of I to VIII as part of the regular time-table. After school coaching is also offered in a select range of skills twice a week. Interested students may approach the school office for details.


Every student of classes I to IX and XI is required to be a member of one of the following clubs:
I to VIII: Scouts and Guides, Drama, Quiz, Nature Club, Cookery Club, Bunnies, Traditional Games, Heritage, Literary / Press Club, Aerobics, Best out of Waste, Craft, Choir Singing, Street Theatre / Mime; IX : Road Safety Patrol & First Aid Training (ALERT);
XI : Interact Club.

Student Council

To inculcate leadership qualities in students and equip them for future challenges, the school has a students’ council comprising a team of student leaders – the Head Boy, Head Girl, the Sports Secretary, the Cultural Secretary and the House Captains from Class XII and the assistant leaders from Class XI. A class leader is nominated for each class and the council regularly meets, discusses and debates upon issues to facilitate improvement in the overall functioning of the school.

Newsletter and Magazine

The students of the magazine committee work diligently throughout the year to collect, compile, edit and publish the bi-monthly newsletter ‘Campus Watch’ and the school magazine ‘Vistas’, under the guidance of their teachers. The School is enrolled in a “Newspaper in Education” program, which includes subscriptions to the student edition of the paper.