Primary Annual Day Celebration

A Magical evening of dance and drama – Primary Annual day at AMM School, Kotturpuram

AMM School celebrated its primary annual day on 10th December 2011 in its school auditorium. The evening was a celebration of dance and drama where almost the entire strength of around 320 children of the Primary school took its place on the stage. The theme of the evening was to delivery morals and values to the world through the art of theatre, dance and drama where narration, miming, scene transitions through fade in / fade out of lights and many more were integrated to bring out the best to the audience. 


The English play “Mowgli – The Wonder Boy” was well presented with a universal message to save trees and wild life. The twist of the play was that Mowgli gets groomed and returns to the forest as a forest ranger. The Tamil play, a saga by itself was the depiction of the entire episode of “Ramayana” through dance and drama.


Children brought out the emotions of the epic to their best and back home took away the values of life with them. Salute to the team of AMM to make the annual day into a mega production!